Graduate School forms for use during your candidature. 

Your Relationship with your Advisor

UQ has a policy on the role of the advisor for Research Higher Degree Candidates.

One of the first things we ask our students to do on arrival at the SMI is to complete the Role Perception Rating Scale (RPRS) tool in collaboration with their advisor.  We have found that this tool has proved to be useful in clarifying mutual expectations. As you progress through the various stages of your research degree, your expectations, needs and interactions with your advisor/s will change. The RPRS tool has been designed to help RHD advisors and postgraduate students to better understand the relationship between them. The RPRS can be used as a tool to work on the alignment between advisor and student expectations. The most effective way to use the tool is at the beginning of your studies and then again at 1/3 to 1/2 of the way through your PhD/MPhil. Differences in perceptions will require discussion to resolve. It is far better to discover differences in expectations/perceptions early on in your studies than half way through your degree. There are no right answers to the statements in the questionnaire - these are expectations.

Resources for Completing your Thesis

The 7 Habits of highly effective research students will help you increase your effectiveness during your candidature. 

If you have found tools and resources that have assisted you during your candidature, share them with us so that we can add them to the site. 

Career Planning for PhDs ebook

Do you have a strategy in place to successfully transition from a PhD to building your career? The market for jobs in both academia and other sectors is highly competitive. The PhD is increasingly offering access to a whole range of opportunities, particularly if you develop the rounded experience, knowledge and skills required by employers. Through reflective and planning activities and advice from others, the ebook: 'Career Planning for PhDs' will help you explore different career paths and develop a strategic approach to your career plan. Download this ebook for free by clicking here.

Managing Mining Legacies Forum July 2012

The Centre for Mined Land Rehabilitation hosted a ‘Managing Mining Legacies’ forum 16-17 July 2012 at the Sustainable Minerals Institute, The University of Queensland. The forum focussed on leading practice abandoned/legacy mine programs (Day 1) and databases for risk assessment and decision making (Day 2).