The Minerals Industry Safety & Health Centre, supported by ACARP and industry funding, has developed a range of information resources designed to assist the management of safety & health risks. The 'GATES' listed below provide free access to comprehensive health and safety information about key issues that concern the minerals industry.


Delivering an industry body of knowledge to manage priority unwanted events in coal mining

MIRMgate: Minerals Industry Risk Management Gateway

MIRMgate has been available online since 2004. It allows users to quickly find what they are looking for by cross referencing Subjects, Tasks and Hazards.

EMERSRTgate: Earth Moving Equipment Safety Round Table

EMESRTgate provides access to information about the EMESRT Design Philosophies for exploration and mining equipment design

TYREgate: Tyres & Rims Risk Management Decision Support Tool

TYREgate is a world leader - a searchable Causal Factors Database which provides the mining industry with unique, up-to-date and complete sources of information about earthmover tyre & rim safety and maintenance improvements. 

ISOLgate: Isolation Risk Management Decision Support Tool

ISOLgate is designed to assist the mining industry, including equipment manufacturers, and service providers, in developing more effective isolation strategies.

COMPLIANCEgate: Compliance Support (Australian focus)

COMPLIANCEgate conveniently classifies and cross references mining safety compliance documentation so you can quickly and easily get the latest legislation and regulations.

MIRM Framework Tool

Introductory Manual for the MIRM Framework Deployment Tool