MISHC was founded in 1998 primarily to provide education in risk management. 2011 sees MISHC refocussing its capabilities to become a research centre.

Currently MISHC is focussed on industry support and applied research activities.  Its major projects are:

  • RISKGATE – ACARP funded applied research project aimed at reducing the health and safety risks in Mining
  • EMESRT – Earth Moving Equipment Safety Round Table
  • Education and Training – MISHC currently offers a graduate certificate, graduate diploma and masters degree by course work in minerals industry risk management.  In addition MISHC offers short courses in risk management to meet the competency requirements of the Queensland Mining Legislation.  MISHC also participates in SMI KT courses offered to industry in various elements of sustainability.
  • Other applied research – MISHC research currently covers Human Factors in Mining, Emergency Preparedness and the Application of Risk Management techniques.
  • Consulting – MISHC staff currently offer expertise in the research areas as well as Principal Hazard Management, Safety and Health Performance measurement and Occupational Health Management.

Major Hazard Management and Emergency Preparedness

Professor David Cliff


Professor David Cliff and Dr Jill Harris

Human Factors, Safe Design, New Technologies and Transport Safety

Professor Robin Burgess-Limerick

Musculoskeletal Injury Risks associated with Mining

Professor Robin Burgess-Limerick and Professor David Cliff

Reducing Risks associated with Mining Equipment

Professor Robin Burgess-Limerick and Professor David Cliff

Mining + Health

A/Professor Carmel Bofinger, Dr Jill Harris and Professor David Cliff