Professor David Cliff

Position: Professor of Occupational Health and Safety in Mining and Director
Location: SMI-MISHC
Phone: +61 7 3346 4086
Fax: +61 7 3346 4067
BSc (Hons)(Monash), PhD (Cambridge)
Grad Dip Env Stud (Macquarie), Grad Dip Out Ed (QUT), Grad Dip Bus Admin (QUT)



David Cliff was appointed Professor of Occupational Health and Safety in Mining and Director of MISHC in 2011. His primary role is providing education, applied research and consulting in health and safety in the mining and minerals processing industry.  He has been at MISHC over twelve years.


Previously David was the Safety and Health Adviser to the Queensland Mining Council, and prior to that Manager of Mining Research at the Safety In Mines Testing and Research Station.  In these capacities he has provided expert assistance in the areas of health and safety to the mining industry for over twenty three years.  He has particular expertise in emergency preparedness, gas analysis, spontaneous combustion, fires and explosions, including providing expert testimony to the Moura No,2 Warden’s inquiry and the Pike River Royal Commission.   In recent times he has also devoted a lot of energy to fitness for duty issues particularly fatigue management.   He has been a member of the organising committee for the level one emergency exercises in Queensland underground coal mines since their inception in 1998.  He has also attended or provided assistance in over 30 incidents at mines.

David has also extensive experience in providing training and education in OHS in mining to in many countries.